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“This new paradigm of computing will be commonly known as spatial computing – and we must all be ready for it.”…

Ideas Without Limits

Isobar is a global leading digital agency that delivers different ‘ideas without limits’ based on creativity, planning, technology and data. They offer media strategy, social activation, content creation and marketing, community management and planning – that build business and brand likeability.


Milka – Easter Eggs

An engaging game for Easter
For Easter, Isobar created a game on Milka website and a Social App in which Parents with Kids were invited to find back the lost Easter eggs. Over the 4 waves of the campaign, we counted almost 80.000 visits, 50.000 gamers, more than 15.000 leads and lots of fun! An efficient Media ecosystem and Display production was also part of our mix.
Havana Club Recycling Music Tour

Havana Club Recycling Music Tour

A creative campaign leveraging different channels to create a real storytelling.
For Havana Club, sponsor of various Belgian festivals, Isobar set-up a 3 steps campaign. Firstly people were invited via Social Media to bring their old vinyls, cd’s, music tapes' in exchange of a Mojito on the stand of the brand. Then an artist recycled their music supports. We finally auctioned the artworks created for a charity. The fans of the brand and their friends were engaged on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Ebay. The creative storytelling layer complementary to the Havana Club Recycling Music Tour was a key factor of success and the impact on the brand’s identity.
Stimorol – Rock Werchter Challenges

Stimorol – Rock Werchter Challenges

Leverage Stimorol’s partnership with Rock Werchter to expand brand awareness and drive sales.
Isobar adapted Stimorol marketing strategy “Dare to open your mouth” into a Social app built around 8 weeks of different “challenges”. Four social channels were used : Facebook as the major pillar, Twitter to expand and enlarge the reach, Instagram to offer flexibility, and additional contest via Foursquare followed-up on this app to win the very last tickets to the festival. As a result more than 2 million unique users have been in contact with our campaign, almost 40.000 people visited the app and more than 70.000 interactions were generated. “Stimorol Rock Werchter” was one of the most collaborative digital campaigns by meeting marketing objectives thanks to the synergy of digital media and support of other classic media touchpoints.
This case has been awarded by a Mixx Award!
Ricard – Winter Spring Summer

Ricard – Winter Spring Summer

Generate Reach & Engagement through Facebook with a content strategy specially developed for Belgium, with a modern tone-of-voice.
The approach was innovative in communication as the posts that we created were tested on specific targeted audiences. We monitored, analyzed and improved the brand tone-of-voice and visuals based on the learning’s. We deseasonalized the content and created a visual identity template that would be identified with the brand and completely fits the communication platform ‘True moments with friends’. All the content is created locally and specifically for Social Media channels. The virality increased of 315%.